Tabs at Frick Park Market

We Are Here.

We Are Here.

The We Are Here project connects citizens with Pittsburgh Third Places via wayfinding signs that guide strangers to places where they are welcomed as friends. The We Are Here website serves as an online network of project-recognized Third Places in the City of Pittsburgh. Physical markers and wayfinding signs have been placed in some We Are Here Third Places for the purpose of walking tours and greater accessibility.

About Third Places

Third Places are naturally occurring community gathering places that create a sense of belonging and encourage community engagement. A Third Place attracts regulars, embodies the ideals and conversations of the community, and grants senses of belonging and agency to the community members that visit them.

Submit a Third Place

Submit your favorite Third Place to be added to the We Are Here project. We accept public and private places recognized as integral parts of their community. To add your favorite Third Place, click here to submit it.


Interested in a guided tour of the thirs places around the city? Contact us to schedule a tour. Tours are free and open to people of all ages.